Proud2Be Getting Social in Totnes

Devon-based non-for-profit organisation Proud2Be Project is set to host their second social weekend for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) adults.

The weekend will be held in lovely Devon countryside at Sandwell Barns @ Eden Rise, Totnes, South Devon, on Friday 30th May – Sunday 1st June 2014. Prices are £80/70 conc.

The weekend has been set up to enable LGBT folks to develop friendships and will include a number of optional activities, skill shares, a disco night, a river walk, LGBT films and books and shared meals.


An attendee from last year’s Social Weekend said: “I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with some wonderful people from various backgrounds… a great community spirit”

This exciting event has evolved from the monthly social group hosted by Proud2Be. Formed in 2012, the social group gives local LGBT people, their friends and family members, the opportunity to meet in a safe space, interact with other people and build up their own support networks. The group meets every second Thursday of the month in The Hall at Totnes Library.

Proud2Be founder Mat said: “In July we will be celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the Proud2Be social group. We started with just a few people and now we see an average of 30 people, travelling from all over South Devon to get together with like-minded folk for a chat over a piece of cake. We are most proud of the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere we have all created.”

Proud2Be was launched two and a half years ago when gay identical twin brothers, Mat and Jon Price sat in front of their web cam and recorded a short video. In the video they explained how they are both “proud to be gay”.

Since then a number of high profile LGBT figures have contributed to the campaign including Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell and Stephen Fry who said: “I am happy to be counted as a supporter of Proud2Be at every turn”.

As well as hosting the social events and launching the first ever Totnes Pride last September, Proud2Be continue to run their media the campaign, produce their own LGBT radio show which can be on and are even planning on opening the first LGBT community hub in Devon, next year.

To find out more about the Proud2Be social group or to book your place on the next Proud2Be social weekend, please go to or email info at

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