Big New LGBT Survey Launched

LGBT Voices in ActionThe Intercom Trust has launched The Big South West Community Survey of lesbian gay bisexual and trans people in the South West.

They have invited the widest possible range of LGB and Trans people to give their thoughts about the world we live in nowadays, including health services, community safety, social care, and much much more. The survey is community-run, and completely confidential.

The survey results will tell us:

• What are LGBT people’s experiences of their local services?
• Are prejudice and exclusion things of the past?

And these survey results will make a difference. Where change turns out to be needed, Intercom will work with the communities to make change happen.

Dr Michael Halls of the Intercom Trust said, “We’re aiming to make this the largest and most representative survey ever of LGB and Trans people in the South West. If we can reach 1,000 responses, that would be great! And why not? It’s secure, it’s confidential, it’s all about real people’s real lives — and there are prizes!”

How do I sign up?

The survey is available online at

People who prefer to complete the survey in another format, or who need assistance, can call Intercom on 01392 201015 or e-mail lgbt.voices at

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