LGBT anti-Hate Crime Campaign Launched

LGBT Hate CrimeThe second part of the National LGBT Hate Crime reporting campaign was launched recently and The Intercom Trust are proud to be working alongside 35 LGBT Consortium member organisations to encourage LGBT people and their supporters to recognise hate crimes when they happen, to seek help and support; and if possible, report it.

GayCornwall gives full support to this campaign. It is really important to talk more about LGBT hate crime. Don’t be afraid to report it and get needed support.

Did you know that only 1 in 10 LGBT hate crimes are reported to the police?

Did you know that 100 anti-LGBT hate crimes get recorded each week by police in the UK?

Did you know that over 39,000 LGBT hate crimes are committed nationally each year?

Did you know that 70% of LGBT people in the UK avoid holding hands in public because of fear of violence?

Let’s help people talk about hate crime, report it and get the support they need.

You can find more information at

Cornwall Pride 2015

Cornwall Pride 2015 is on Saturday 29th August, it’s the Bank Holiday so why not make a long weekend of it!Cornwall Pride

Expect a parade, party in the park and evening party. Theme and details to follow.

Get Involved

Are you interested in helping in the lead up, fundraising and helping on the day?
Find out more about volunteering at Cornwall Pride.

Proud2Be Getting Social in Totnes

Devon-based non-for-profit organisation Proud2Be Project is set to host their second social weekend for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) adults.

The weekend will be held in lovely Devon countryside at Sandwell Barns @ Eden Rise, Totnes, South Devon, on Friday 30th May – Sunday 1st June 2014. Prices are £80/70 conc.

The weekend has been set up to enable LGBT folks to develop friendships and will include a number of optional activities, skill shares, a disco night, a river walk, LGBT films and books and shared meals.


An attendee from last year’s Social Weekend said: “I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with some wonderful people from various backgrounds… a great community spirit”

This exciting event has evolved from the monthly social group hosted by Proud2Be. Formed in 2012, the social group gives local LGBT people, their friends and family members, the opportunity to meet in a safe space, interact with other people and build up their own support networks. The group meets every second Thursday of the month in The Hall at Totnes Library.

Proud2Be founder Mat said: “In July we will be celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the Proud2Be social group. We started with just a few people and now we see an average of 30 people, travelling from all over South Devon to get together with like-minded folk for a chat over a piece of cake. We are most proud of the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere we have all created.”

Proud2Be was launched two and a half years ago when gay identical twin brothers, Mat and Jon Price sat in front of their web cam and recorded a short video. In the video they explained how they are both “proud to be gay”.

Since then a number of high profile LGBT figures have contributed to the campaign including Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell and Stephen Fry who said: “I am happy to be counted as a supporter of Proud2Be at every turn”.

As well as hosting the social events and launching the first ever Totnes Pride last September, Proud2Be continue to run their media the campaign, produce their own LGBT radio show which can be on and are even planning on opening the first LGBT community hub in Devon, next year.

To find out more about the Proud2Be social group or to book your place on the next Proud2Be social weekend, please go to or email info at

Rosie Wilby: Feminist comedian comes to Exeter Phoenix

The fantastic Nineties Woman, a new show from award winning comedian Rosie Wilby, is coming to Exeter Phoenix.  The show uses live interactive storytelling interspersed with video interviews, music and photo archive to trace a journey through early 90’s feminism, refracted through a very personal lens.

Rosie Wilby

Sunday 4 May at 8pm – Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS – 01392 667080

Rosie studied at York University in the early 90’s against a backdrop of John Major and riotgrrrl.  She discovered the University feminist newspaper ‘Matrix’ (Greek for ‘womb’) and decided to join the collective. And, yet, as a geeky Electronics undergrad with an unfortunate perm and coming to terms with her sexuality, she didn’t quite fit in with the academic political lesbians with their History, Politics and English degrees. She was involved with a legendary guerrilla midnight mission to daub a wall with a green and purple painted ‘Sisterhood is Powerful’ slogan just for the cover of Issue 3 but never quite managed to catch the eye of the inspiring ‘Kate’ who always seemed to be at the centre of things. In fact when Kate staged a mock wedding outside York Minster to her girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 1991, Rosie found herself on the sidelines yet still excited to be part of something radical – I mean, gay people would never be allowed to get married, would they?

In 2013 she discovered long treasured 20 year old dusty copies of Matrix in her parents’ attic and decided to set about tracing some of the women she’d not quite connected with at the time (including fellow comedian Zoe Lyons, who had also been very fleetingly involved) to see what they were doing now and how their perceptions of feminism had shifted.

Nineties Woman was commissioned by Shout LGBT Festival Birmingham for a premiere at MAC in March 2013 before it appeared at Outburst Festival Belfast and Camden People’s Theatre Calm Down Dear Festival (alongside Bridget Christie and Sara Pascoe) and was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Trans Manifesto Launch

A number of leading trans organisations have called on all UK political parties to include two specific policies promoting trans equality in their General Election manifestos.

Trans Flag

Trans peoples’ rights have increased in profile since 2010, with the Equality Act, Government’s Transgender Action Plan, media representation of trans people and the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act all causing debate.

Paul Roberts, LGBT Consortium Chief Executive, says, “now is the time to raise trans rights as a crossparty political issue which needs government support. LGBT Consortium has been really pleased to be able to facilitate this unprecedented step.”

The trans manifesto includes two specific policy statements: to review the Gender Recognition Act (which became law ten years ago) and to encourage positive portrayals of trans people in government publications.

Helen Belcher, a director of Trans Media Watch and one of the drivers behind the initiative, says, “these policies build on three core statements which we would encourage all politicians to commit to.” The statements highlight the need to respect trans peoples’ autonomy, expertise and imagery.

A large number of national and regional trans groups helped draft then unanimously agreed both the statements and the policies. Belcher continues, “the huge level of support for this within the trans communities, and society’s growing understanding of the issues that face trans people, mean that we should expect continuing improvements in the way that trans people are treated. My discussions with MPs and peers from all parties indicate there is support for this innovative approach.” (Belcher sits on the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity, chaired by Baroness Gould of Potternewton.)

Roberts adds, “the low cost of these proposals, combined with the highly positive impact they will have on many peoples’ lives, makes this a really exciting initiative to be involved with.”

Free HIV Awareness Training

Kernow Positive Support (KPS) is a registered charity, which aims to supportKernow Positive Support people living with HIV and AIDS.

KPS is arranging free HIV Awareness Training funded by the BIG Lottery Fund. There are a number of dates available and the training goes on from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

The programme includes:

  • What is HIV?
  • Infection & Prevention
  • HIV Treatment
  • The History of HIV
  • Living with HIV
  • Stigma and Discrimination

Dates available:

  • Friday, 17 January Friday, 6 June
  • Friday, 7 February Friday, 27 June
  • Friday, 14 March Friday, 4 July
  • Friday, 28 March Monday, 8 September
  • Friday, 11 April Wednesday, 17 September
  • Tuesday, 22 April Friday, 17 October
  • Friday, 2 May Friday, 7 November

Find out more or call 01566 86378.

Cornwall Pride 2014

It may seem a long way off, but it’s surprising how quick these things comeCornwall Pride 2014 around, plus it gives you more time to work on a costume!

The date for Cornwall Pride 2014 has been set and the date for your diary is Saturday 23rd August 2014. It’s a bank holiday so if you are travelling to join in the celebrations why not make a weekend of it?

The theme for 2104 is Love and Marriage, a celebration of the huge steps made in equal marriage for all.

The day will include a Parade, Picnic in the Park (Victoria Gardens) and a Pride Party.